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Five Hundred

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Five Hundred (500) is a fun and addictive 4 player card game with 2 teams of 2 players (3 CPU players). Teams bid how many tricks they think they will win and get rewarded points if they make their bid. The first team to reach 500 points wins.Features:- Extensive how to play guide.- All bid types available (including Closed Misere and Open Misere).- Advanced CPU players.- Ability to change individual CPU player difficulties.- Different table styles.
If you have any suggestions, issues or other feedback, please email me at and if necessary I will try to get an update out asap.
Enjoy playing Five Hundred!
NOTE: If you are having problems with winning the bid you need to go to your phone's Settings->Developer Options and turn "Don't keep activities" to OFF. Five Hundred uses multiple activities so having this ON will cause problems. These settings should only be altered by developers for the purpose of testing apps. if your aim is to not keep apps in memory then get an app killer because your messing with the wrong thing!Keywords:Five Hundred 500 bridge card cards game spades hearts clubs diamonds euchre bidding bid trumps trick tricks